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The USA Karate Federation Board Members/Officers

Board Members In Italics

Patrick M Hickey, President
John Linebarger, Vice President
Roger Jarrett, General Secretary
Patrick D Hickey, Esq, Assistant Secretary
Robert Burns, Esq, Treasurer
Carol Hofer, Assistant Treasurer
Brian Pendleton, Executive Director
David Lang, Cpa, Cpa
Ellen O'Connor, Esq, Legal Counsel
Jeffrey D Ellis, At Large
John Nanay, Operations
Corinne Housley, International Representative
Roger Jarrett, NGB Representative
John Nanay, National Training Center Representative
Carl Wilcox, National Training Center Representative
Patrick Hickey, National Training Center Representative
Ben Deleon, National Training Center Representative
John Linebarger, National Training Center Representative
John Nanay, National Training Center Representative
Bill And Kathleen Mello, Regional Training Center Representative
Sam Justice, National Training Center Representative
Jim Mather, National Training Center Representative
Patrick Hickey, Central Techincal Committee
Michael Bukala, Kobudo
John Nanay, Referees
David Ames, Referees
Ken Ferguson, Coaching
Patrick Hickey, Coaches Education
Dr. Raymond Leone, Medical
Joseph D'avello, Dds, Medical
Larry Overholt, Law Enforcement
Ronald M. Layton, Law Enforcement
Raymond Jones,Jr. - Chaplain, Chaplain
Patrick Hickey, Life Members
Michael Bukala, Kobudo
Michael Bukala, Tournament Administration
Lesley Anderson, Tournament Administration

About the USA Karate Federation
Your choice for quality technical training for Shihan, Sensei, instructors, competitors, referees and coaches. Look for the USA Karate Federation logo. It is your sign of quality in the martial arts.

USA Karate Federation is a 501.c.3 not-for profit corporation.

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Historic Photo of Officers of The USA Karate Federation when the USA Karate
Federation was the National Governing Body for Karate. Taken in Akron, Ohio
Thomas LaPuppett (deceased), Patrick M. Hickey, George E. Anderson (deceased)

USA Karate World Union of Karatedo Federations (WUKF) Certified Dan Ranks

Albert   Pecoraro 2nd Dan
Brandon L. Balas 1st Dan
Brian  Pendleton 8th Dan
Carolyn J. Hofer 5th Dan
Christopher   Panther 2nd Dan
Chuck   Rickard 4th Dan
Corinne Kay  Housley 5th Dan
Dan  Stephens 8th Dan  
David Scott  Ames 8th Dan
Jeffrey   Rhodes 6th Dan
Jeffrey A. Hudson 6th Dan
Jeffrey D.  Ellis 8th Dan
John   Horrigan 4th Dan
Joseph   Santocildes 5th Dan
Joseph  J. N. D'Avello 4th Dan
Joseph J. Raymond 4th Dan
Kaitlyn Margaret  Hummell 1st Dan
Keith   Dougherty 4th Dan
Ken   Ferguson 8th Dan
Lance   Weimer 8th Dan
Larry   Overholt 9th Dan
Larry   Whelan 6th Dan
Larry R. Feldman 8th Dan
Laura Jean  Holmuzki 3rd Dan
Michael   Antonides 6th Dan
Pamela J. Hickey 8th Dan
Patrick  Hickey 9th Dan
Peter   Paik 8th Dan
Phil   Rushing 8th Dan
Philip R. Rush 4th Dan
Ralph   Febbo 2nd Dan
Ray   Leone 4th Dan
Reginald B. Smith 8th Dan
Rich   Arter 4th Dan
Robert   Valentine 7th Dan
Stephen J. Knerly 4th Dan
Sterling   Shriber II 1st Dan
Tibor G. Korosi 1st Dan
Todd   Freeman 4th Dan

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