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Mission Statement

The USA Karate Foundation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational, cultural and charitable purposes relating to the sport of Karate in the United States and abroad; in particular to carry out the purely educational, cultural, and charitable activities of The USA Karate Federation.  
The educational, cultural, and charitable activities of the Corporation will relate principally to the sport of Karate and will include public educational and instructional programs involving research, publications, clinics, tournaments, the establishment of scholarships, the development of international cultural exchange programs and the training and certification of Karate instructors and the training of top Karate competitors.  
 In pursuit of such purposes the Corporation shall:  
a) sponsor the National Karate Institute College of Sports Science, a degree granting institution of higher learning incorporated within the auspices of the USA Karate Foundation and certified by the USA Karate Federation,  
b) sponsor research programs,  
c) establish and maintain reference libraries, training institutions, and museums,  
d) publish and distribute textbooks and other aids to Karate education,  
e) award scholarships and grants-in-aid for Karate research and education  
f) cooperate with other sports organizations in all matters pertaining to Karate,  
g) plan, organize and implement international Karate exchange programs,  
h) solicit funds from the general public, Corporations and organizations in support of international karate exchange programs and other activities of the Corporation, and 
I) organize and promote nationwide instructional programs
USA Karate Foundation controls the use of the service mark "USA Karate" and licenses its use to exemplary organizations and programs in the martial arts. Currently the "USA Karate" Service mark is licensed to The USA Karate Federation and the USA National Karate-do Federation, the United States Olympic Member for the sport of karate. You can be sure that the "USA Karate" mark is a sign of excellance. Look for the USA Karate sanction logo. (Marks used by the USA National Karate-do Federation may be different then the USA Karate Federation sanction logo.)
For information on the USA Karate Foundation, for inquiries on its approved uses, or for requests to use the approved sanction logo, contact:
USA Karate Foundation

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"USA Karate" is a registered servicemark of the USA Karate Foundaion. The mark is used under license agreement with the USA Karate Foundation.