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Patrick M. Hickey, Soke
Soke Patrick M. Hickey

Other titles and positions:
President, The USA Karate F oundation
Director, International Kwanmukan
President, Central Taekwondo Association
Director, World Taekwondo Changmookwan
Board Member, International Moy Ryu Karate-do Federation
Board Member, World Kobudokan Federation

Patrick M. Hickey, Soke
The USA Karate Federation
Our president, Soke Patrick M. Hickey, 9th Dan International Kwanmukan, has been active in national and international martial arts since the early 1970's. He worked hand in hand with Hanshi George E. Anderson in the United States Karate Association, Police Self Defense Institute, AAU Karate, USA Karate and other endeavors. Hickey's background includes dan grades in Taekwondo - both Changmookwan and KangDukWon, Judo through the United States Judo Association, Jujitsu with the United States Jujitsu Federation and Kobudo through the World Kobudokan Federation and other organizations. He was the first general secretary of the Central Taekwondo Association and one of the pioneers of the AAU Karate and Olympic karate movements as well as a founder of the United States Jujitsu Federation. He currently heads the Senior Master's Caucus of the USA National Karatedo Federation, the United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body for Karate.
You can contact him at usakarate@usakarate.us.
Patrick Hickey with Shihans Danny Stephens, David Ames, Pamela Hickey and Jeff Ellis Patrick Hickey and Jeff Ellis with junior competitors.
USA Karate Senior Masters Caucus Ed Kuras, Sam Justice, Roger Jarrett, Patrick Hickey, Luke St. Onge, Bill Damon, Minobu Miki Senior meeting at the US Open in Las Vegas including John Dipasquale, president USANKF, Roger Jarrett, Patrick Hickey, Minobu Miki, Luke St. Onge, Executive Director USANKF, and Sensei T. Mikami.
Joe Corley, Patrick Hickey, Roger Jarrett, Alex Sternberg Minobu Miki, Patrick HIckey, James Caldwell, Bob Allen, John Dispasquale, Mike Nanay, John Nanay

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