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Soke Masaharu Sakimukai, 67, who established Chintokan Karate-Do has passed away peacefully in Jacksonville, FL, on Saturday, July 10, 2010. He was born January 25, 1943 in Kagoshima, Japan. Soke devoted his life to living and teaching the Japanese martial arts way. He was first introduced to Judo by his father at very young age and he began his formal karate training at age 13. In 1962, at age 19 he established his first Chintokan dojo in Osaka, Japan. After expanding to nine Chintokan dojos in Japan, in 1980, he moved his family to Newark, DE, USA. Within six years, he quickly became a prestigious International WUKO Judge. As an International WUKO Judge, Soke supported the International Karate-Do competitions worldwide for many years. He also practiced and taught Iaido and Jodo and held 9th dan, "Hanshi" title for both arts. He received Menkyo Kaiden from Mugai Ryu Iaido and Menkyo from Jodo. Soke leaves behind his beloved wife, Takako, of forty-three years; and their two children Yoshihito and wife Miwa of Jacksonville, FL; and grandson Sean; Masakazu and his wife Haruyo of Torrance, CA; and grandson Len. He also leaves behind his students and the martial arts community; his two brothers Mikio and Hiroshi; nieces and nephews. He will be greatly missed.

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