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USA Karate Federation Technical Articles

Kata Study Guide

WKF Rules

Link to Made in America Articles

Technical Information and Articles

Archive of technical articles sponsored by the USA Karate Foundation.

Kata Study Guide
This is a study guide for USA Karate Kata judges.

WKF Rules
Website link to the World Karate Federation Competition Rules. If this link does not work, let us know as the WKF site ofter chagnes.

Link to Made in America Articles

Archive of articles published in Karate Profiles:Made in America Magazine under the by-line, The Right Stuff and written by USA Karate Federation Soke, Patrick M. Hickey and others.

Other articles by USA Karate Federation Soke, Patrick M. Hickey

Old WUKO Kumite Rules explanations for historic purposes.

USA Karate Referee Notebook published in 1987. An excellent, timeless resourse for understanding the art of officiating.

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